Emex 2020

Auckland, New Zealand


EMEX 15th - 17th February 2021. Visit us at Auckland!

Emex is New Zealand’s premier trade show for the manufacturing, engineering, machinery, electronics and technology industries. EMEX 2020 will be packed with leading keynote speakers, top innovators, new-age thinking and upwards of 200 exhibitors and 5,000 buyers.

Our local NZ team, based in Auckland and Christchurch, will host our stand at EMEX 2020, which will include both product showcase and live welding demonstrations, because only practical welding demonstrations provide potential customers with a true appreciation of the smart technology developed to add value to their welding operation.

Look out for the unique Weldeye welding management and documentation system, designed to support the requirements of ISO3834 and providing huge value add to users. Better still, see Weldeye integrated within our premium level multi process welding platform, where WPS information can be digitally downloaded onto the equipment.

X8 is an excellent solution for heavy duty, diverse and challenging welding applications and materials, fully loaded with the latest arc modification software, yet provided with an easy to use pendant interface. The latest developments in industrial Tig welding will be on display with world beating weld quality combined with intuitive easy to use control panel, effectively including a “synergic Tig” option.

At Kemppi welder safety is number 1 priority, the GAMMA & BETA90 range of standard and PAPR enabled welding helmets offer the highest standards in welder protection, but available at several price points to match different budget expectations.

Visit us on stand 2035 and see welding innovation and technology for all users!


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