A powerfully simple welding machine from Kemppi

Introducing the X3 FastMig – a new MIG/MAG welding machine built specifically for demanding jobs in difficult environments.

Kemppi has released a powerful new MIG/MAG welding machine that's simple to use. With 420 amps at a 60% duty cycle, the X3 FastMig is ready for heavy industrial welding. It's an extremely durable system-class welding machine with simple and precise controls – a new icon-based user interface saves time with a fast setup and easy parameter selection. The X3 FastMig gives you immediate control over key functions for a simple and reliable way to create high-quality welds. In addition to the synergic MIG/MAG welding process, the X3 FastMig includes MMA and gouging processes.

The X3 FastMig has two synergic power source options for gas- and water-cooled welding. In a water-cooled power source, the cooler is integrated into the power source. Both power sources include over 40 welding programs that are ready in the machine.

The X3 FastMig has a robust-build and durable wire feeder with dual-wall construction and a 4x4 wire drive mechanism for effective use in a wide range of working conditions. It has been designed for all-day heavy welding but is also simple enough for lighter, precision-focused tasks.

As usual, the X3 FastMig can be complemented with several optional accessories, depending on the needs. Accessory selection includes 2- and 4-wheel trolleys, on-torch and handheld remote controls, a wide selection of cables, and a boom hanger.

X3 FastMig maximizes productivity with a brilliantly simple but brutally effective MIG/MAG welding machine.

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