Extreme extension with the X8 SuperSnake subfeeder

X8 SuperSnake, the newest addition to Kemppi's SuperSnake subfeeder product family, combines the outstanding benefits of its original predecessor with X8 MIG Welder’s modern technology and precise arc control. Available in water-cooled models that extend a welding gun’s regular reach with up to 25 meters, the X8 SuperSnake guarantees reliable wire feed assist and durable use.

The X8 SuperSnake is compatible with X8 Wire Feeders and X8 MIG Guns. The connection is established with Kemppi Gun Connectors that are known for their excellent mechanical and electrical properties and precise arc voltage measurement. New technology enables support for Kemppi’s Wise special processes and ensures optimal arc characteristics in any welding application.

Next-level productivity within your reach

The lightweight subfeeder is easy to carry to wherever it is needed. Not only does this improve occupational safety by removing the need to carry heavy wire feeders, but it also improves productivity. By connecting the Control Pad to the subfeeder, the welder has access to a comprehensive user interface to make all the necessary parameter adjustments at the weld joint. The X8 SuperSnake also supports the X8 Gun Remote Control when it is installed to the welding gun.

  • Features a two-roll version of the X8 Wire Feeder’s powerful wire feed mechanism with firm locking
  • Interchangeable and color-coded consumables for convenience and cost-efficiency
  • Strong protective frame included as standard
  • Detachable cable packages ensure effortless maintenance and just the right reach depending on the welding application
  • Durable shield material optimizes cable mobility by reducing friction
The right fit for any welding application

The X8 SuperSnake product family includes 8 different models for different cable lengths (10, 15, 20 or 25 m) and filler wire materials (Fe or Ss/Al). The wire feed mechanism consumable kit must be ordered separately according to the filler wire material in use.

This subfeeder is a perfect choice for heavy and medium-heavy metal fabrication workshops, and installation and site work.

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Technical specifications