Kemppi and SSAB join forces in digitalizing steel material information in welding production

Welding digitalization pioneer Kemppi and global steel company SSAB have successfully integrated their cloud-based WeldEye and SmartSteel platforms to streamline base material information handling in welding production. The results of the successful pilot are now available for all companies that are currently using both digital platforms.

SSAB SmartSteel is a cloud-based platform that stores all the data related to steel all the way from its manufacturing to delivery, processing, use, and recycling. By scanning a unique identification code on the steel plate, base material information and material certificates are easily available in digital format.

Kemppi has been working with SSAB’s API in automating SmartSteel data transfer directly to welding equipment through its own cloud-based software solution for welding management, WeldEye. Experiences have proven that the digitalization of welding-related operative and administrative tasks improves welding quality, saves time, and cuts costs by reducing the repair rate. The WeldEye/SmartSteel integration streamlines the welding process even further, as the necessary base material information will be available to the welders easier and faster than before.

The collaboration between two digitally-invested companies has been smooth and productive. “The results of the pilot are promising. This is yet another great example of how cloud services and digital welding management are able to streamline the welding process and bring added value to our customers,” says Juhana Enqvist, Chief Digital Officer at Kemppi.

“Building platforms is a new way of doing business together,” says SSAB’s Senior Manager, Digital Business Development Niko Korte. “We are working our way towards the Internet of Materials. Every one of these kinds of initiatives takes us one step closer to creating a digital identity for steel, and complete traceability.”

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