Kemppi launches a new TIG machine that also cleans welds

Introducing the Minarc T 223 ACDC GM – a portable multi-voltage welding machine that offers high-quality AC/DC TIG welding and professional weld cleaning.

Weld and clean with one machine. Kemppi has released a new 220 A single-phase AC/DC TIG welding machine with built-in electrolytic weld cleaning. Quickly convert a TIG torch to cleaning mode, where the new MAX WeldClean cleaning process uses an efficient combination of electric current and phosphoric acid to remove oxidation and discoloration fast for perfectly clean high-quality welds.

The Minarc T 223 ACDC GM TIG also comes with important features like Auto Pulse functionality, AC frequency control, memory channels, and a wide range of remote control options. A large color display with impact protection and a clear user interface makes choosing settings in different light conditions easier.

Work smarter with the Minarc T 223 ACDC GM. Perform high-quality TIG welding and professional weld cleaning anywhere on-site with one machine. 

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