Kemppi launches new portable welding machines for Master M series

Kemppi introduces new portable and versatile welding equipment for MIG/MAG welding: Master M 205 and Master M 323. The new welding equipment is perfectly suited for industrial welding in shipyards and repair shops and, furthermore, for dedicated hobby welders. Thanks to their small size and transportability, the Master M series is also an ideal choice for repair welding. The Master M series delivers excellent usability, best-in-class welding performance, and a smooth parameter setup. Both Master M 205 and Master M 323 are developed in collaboration with professional welders and are manufactured in Finland.

Master M 205 and 323 models complete the Kemppi Master M series.

Master M 205 is developed specifically for welding tasks that require lightweight, easy-to-move welding equipment, but also high-quality welds. Master M 205 is a portable but powerful MIG/MAG welding machine for manual, synergic, and pulse MIG/MAG welding of stainless and light steel, and aluminum. The 200 A power source operates with a 40 percent duty cycle. In addition, the Master M 205 comes with 17 welding programs for pulse MIG and 20 welding programs for 1-MIG.

Master M 323 is an ideal choice for sheet metal welding, and thanks to its portable size and versatile accessories, it is also well-suited for welding environments with challenging spaces. Master M 323 is a portable powerhouse for manual and synergic MIG/MAG welding. The 320 A power source operates with a 40 percent duty cycle. Moreover, Master M 323 has 28 welding programs for Fe, Ss, AIMg5, AISi5, CuSi3, CuAI8, and FC-CrNiMo filler materials and four welding programs for the MAX Cool arc welding process.  

Master M 205 and Master M 323 are equipped with a Weld Assist function that automatically sets the welding parameters to make daily welding work faster and easier.

”High-quality welds, ease of use, and efficiency are combined with best-in-class ergonomics and transportability in the Master M series. Master M 205 and 323 come with the latest technology to offer reliable and compact quality for shipyards and repair shops without compromising cost-efficiency”, said John Frost, Product Manager. 

Master M 205 and Master M 323 will be available starting from April 2023.

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