Kemptron Oy's Board of Directors elected


Kemptron Oy's Board of Directors elected

The Board of Directors of Kemptron Oy, the new company that will be formed by the partial demerger of Kemppi Oy, has been elected.

The Board of Directors consists of Hannu Keinänen (Chairman of the Board), Vesa Pylvänäinen, Kari Kemppi, Teresa Kemppi-Vasama and Antti Kemppi.

Hannu Keinänen has over 15 years of experience in contract manufacturing and subcontracting. He has served as CEO of Ensto and Enics and in various roles as a director at Elcoteq around the world. He currently also serves on the boards of Conficap Oy and Are Oy.

Vesa Pylvänäinen is Executive Vice President Operations of Vaisala Corporation. He has previous management experience at Elcoteq. Currently, Vesa also serves on the Board of Oilon Oy.

Kari Kemppi has a long experience in business management in the welding industry and has strong customer knowledge and power electronics know-how, which he has acquired while working at Kemppi Oy.

Teresa Kemppi-Vasama and Antti Kemppi are board professionals and owner-entrepreneurs in the Kemppi Group.

Kemptron Oy is part of the Kemppi Group and will start its operations on 1.8.2024. Its business is contract manufacturing of electronics and it is based in Lahti, Finland. The company focuses on demanding power electronics solutions and aims to grow together with domestic and international customers who need power electronics in their products. Petri Suikkanen has been appointed CEO of the company.


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Teresa Kemppi-Vasama,

Chair of the Board, Kemppi Oy

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Mobile: +358 40 8384202





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