Kemptron Oy's new CEO has been elected


Kemppi Oy's Board of Directors has elected Petri Suikkanen (51) as the new CEO of Kemptron Oy. He is currently Director, Finance and Operations at the health technology company Adamant Health Oy. Suikkanen will take up his new position on 1 August 2024.


Kemptron Oy is a new company that will be established within the Kemppi Group as a result of the partial demerger of Kemppi Oy. Electronics production and contract manufacturing will be transferred to the new sister company, known as Kemptron Oy, on 1 August 2024. During the summer, Petri will be familiarized with his duties at Kemptron in connection with the partial demerger project of Kemppi Oy, starting on 27 May.

Prior to his current position, Petri Suikkanen has had an extensive career as CFO in Saimaa Group Oy and Enics AG.  

“We are very happy to welcome Petri to our new company, Kemptron. Petri brings with him extensive management and business experience and a solid track record of successfully solving and managing financial, commercial and strategic issues. He also has significant experience in international environments, having lived abroad for several years. In addition, he has solid expertise in EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services), which will be particularly important as we create a new service culture and EMS way of working in our new company," says Teresa Kemppi-Vasama, Chair of the Board of Kemppi Oy.

“I am excited to be building a completely new company from scratch. This is a unique opportunity and I will be able to use the EMS expertise I have built up over almost 20 years and my experience of diversifying and growing the business into a successful independent industrial electronics player. Kemptron will focus, among others, on demanding power electronics, a field in which the Kemppi Group has decades of experience. By leveraging these strengths and expertise of the Kemppi Group and Kemppi Oy, and by adding the necessary elements of the EMS business to our operations, we will start to build Kemptron into a specialized EMS player offering its services to industrial OEM customers," says Petri Suikkanen.

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