Master M 350 product family awarded with the Red Dot Product Design Award

Kemppi’s Master M 350 product family has been awarded with the distinguished Red Dot Product Design Award. All Master M products are developed and designed in Finland and represent the utmost user experience and ergonomy.

Master M is designed together with professional welders and offers excellent usability and features beyond great welding – making industrial welding effortless.

Master M for industrial welding performance

Master M is the premium compact MIG/MAG series that takes industrial welding performance to a higher level and guarantees excellent usability for manual, synergic, and pulse MIG welding. Digital arc control, fast set-up techniques, and excellent power-to-weight ratio set new standards for welding quality. The integrated LED work lights improve safety and increase productivity in low-light conditions.

When Master M product family was introduced in March 2022, it included three class-leader models, 353, 355, and 358, featuring alternative Manual, Auto, and Auto Pulse specifications. All three models are now awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award.

Focus on user experience and easy-to-move

The safe-lift mechanical design ensures the Master M can be carried by hand or suspended above ground level by crane, ensuring the safe and convenient movement of the power source on site. In addition, optional transport carriages support alternative circumstances and movement on site.

“Since the very beginning of Kemppi’s history, Kemppi products have been designed for welders. The ease-of-use, user-friendliness, and comfort of use are the core characteristics in the mind of Kemppi’s designers. The Master M equipment focuses on ergonomy and transportability,” says Jari Kettunen, Kemppi’s Design Manager.  

“The user-oriented design philosophy is something that Kemppi’s designers and engineers have successfully managed to apply to every machine designed since the company was founded in 1949,” continues Jari Kettunen.

Investment to design has brought Kemppi as the first company in the field of welding several international design awards. In 2020, MasterTig welding equipment and Flexlite TX welding torch received the international Red Dot Product Design Award. In 2012, Kempact RA product family received the international iF Design Award. In 2009, FitWeld 300 welding machine and SuperSnake GT02S subfeeder received the Red Dot Honourable Mentions. In 2006 MinarcMig Adaptive 180 received the Red Dot Design Award. In 2022, 5.6% of Kemppi’s turnover went to R&D activities. User experience is at the core of all product development.

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