New Alfa and Beta e-series welding helmets and respirators offer reliable protection for all budgets

Kemppi strengthens its welding safety portfolio with new Alfa and Beta e-series welding helmets and respirators. Certified to the latest standards, the new models offer excellent protection for arc welding, cutting, grinding, gouging and inspection processes. The Alfa and Beta e-series are now available from authorized Kemppi dealers.

The Alfa and Beta e-series models feature an impact-rated shell that is both lightweight and strong. The spacious design accommodates eyeglasses and half masks, whilst allowing good access to tight spaces. Several settings and features support easy adjustment for the best personal fit and extra welding comfort, including a comfort headband, integrated magnifying lens holder and an overall 20% weight reduction, compared to the previous Beta models. New optional leather neck and shoulder protectors are also available.

“Kemppi’s design team has taken ‘active welder feedback’ throughout the development of the new Alfa and Beta e-series models, providing greater wearable value with refined performance, durability, and comfort. Whatever your needs or budget, we’re sure you’ll find the protection from Kemppi’s welding safety range,” Safety Products Manager John Frost says.

Wide model range offers choice

The Alfa e-series welding helmets represent the most compact, lightweight face shields in Kemppi’s welding safety product range – their weight starts at just 467 g. The Alfa e-series models are durable, low-cost solutions that provide protection for all general welding applications and grinding, and are equipped with either a passive glass welding lens or auto-darkening ADF welding lens.

The Beta e-series welding helmets are designed for professional welders. Certified for welding, cutting and grinding according to EN175 B and AS/NZS 1337.1, the new lightweight Beta models start at just 473 g. The range includes three models that are equipped with either passive or automatic ADF lenses.

The Beta PFA/SFA/XFA e-series respirators offer reliable protection from work-related, airborne contaminants and are certified with a maximum inward leakage level of 2%. They provide cool and clean breathing air from either a PFU 210e battery powered filter unit, offering optimal freedom of movement around the workspace, or a supplied breathing air solution, featuring RSA230 connection to a breathing air source.

New larger SA60B ADF lens

The Alfa and Beta e-series offers a wide choice of welding lens options. The simple yet effective glass welding lenses, or convenient automatic ADF welding lenses, with alternative shade adjustment values, are available in different viewing area sizes and shade ranges.

Fitted as standard in the Beta e90A and Beta e90 SFA models, the new SA60B ADF welding lens features a 30% larger viewing area, excellent optical performance, and brighter colors, due to LiFE+ Color technology. The lens measures at 60 x 100 mm and features a welding shade range 3.5/5/9-13 with cutting and grinding modes. It is powered from a solar cell panel, supported by two replaceable CR2032 batteries.

Each Alfa and Beta e-series model includes a flip-up welding lens, that is perfectly positioned for pre and post-weld inspection. The lenses’ GapView feature is especially suitable for tacking and setting work. The large and clear impact grade inspection lens has a viewing area of 80cm2 and is certified to EN 175 B and AS/NZS 1337.1.​

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