New unified welding management software WeldEye gives users unprecedented savings and insight

WeldEye Media Release

The unified WeldEye software dramatically decreases the time spent on documentation and gives everyone involved in welding processes unprecedented insight into the work being done. Gone are the days of manually compiled documentation in binders or Excel sheets – with WeldEye, all the information you need is available at the push of a button.

The new unified WeldEye software is developed by Weldindustry and Kemppi. This integration of two welding management softwares, Kemppi's Kemppi ARC System 3 (KAS3) and Weldindustry's Weldeye, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the WeldEye story. It combines the international welding technology expertise of Kemppi and the cutting-edge welding management IT solution of Weldindustry under one software – WeldEye.

The software has the widest coverage of different welding-related processes in the market and has proven its performance across industries, like shipbuilding, oil & gas, automotive, construction, and machine manufacturing. WeldEye is the premium choice for digital welding management solutions, regardless of industry.

From months of documentation – to minutes

“Several industries are now facing severe cost challenges and are looking at how to simplify documentation. WeldEye is built for this exact purpose – to help everyone in the welding value chain document the work being carried out and to simplify end project documentation,” says Jarle Mortensen, Chief Operating Officer at Weldindustry.

WeldEye gives you real-time insight into the performance of welders and the progress of your projects, as well as 100 percent traceable compliance with welding procedures, regardless of which welding equipment is being used. This makes it easier to reduce costs, improve performance and conduct quality controls. It manages welding procedures and test results as well as cuts overhead costs due to less manual work, giving 70 percent faster documentation processes. At the end of a project, the time spent on creating documentation is cut by weeks or months.

Improves quality

WeldEye is available as an online cloud service, accessible from computers or smartphones without the need for any software installation, making it easy to enter information during the 2(3) execution of a project. For the first time ever, the welding operator can also get real and constant feedback from his or her activities.

In addition to giving you full traceability, the software effectively works as a quality controller and constantly keeps track of compliance with international welding standards. The added transparency also means a defect is possibly spotted earlier and can be fixed immediately. By using WeldEye, end users have seen a 40-percent reduction in repair rates.

“If a batch of filler is faulty, WeldEye knows exactly which welds are done with that filler batch. At the end of the day, this boosts your efficiency by reducing the need for repair work. More information allows project managers to make quicker and better decisions and simplifies the documentation process,” says Tuomas Kivisaari, Software Product Manager at Kemppi Oy.

Flexible solution

WeldEye solution is future-proof and automatically updated with new standards, thereby ensuring that the work is always compliant with current demands and standards, like EN ISO 3834, EN ISO 9606, ASME IX, AWS, NORSOK, and others.

Being a universal solution, the software works with all welding equipment brands. WeldEye is available globally, is location independent and supports a multitude of different languages. WeldEye is easily integrated into existing IT solutions, such as HR and ERP systems.

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WeldEye key features
  • Supports welding procedure management: Includes pWPS, WPQR and WPS templates
  • Manages personnel and qualifications: Keeps track of all personnel and welder qualification certificates
  • Verifies and controls the use of the WPS: Includes immediate feedback functionality as well as WPS and qualification compliance control procedures
  • Management, verification and inspection features:
    - Includes handheld and easy interface for immediate feedback
    - Includes inspection planning features o Includes welding management features and document register functionalities needed for welding projects
    - Includes personnel and qualification functionalities for inspectors.


More information

Jarle Mortensen
Chief Operating Officer,
Weldindustry AS
Tel. +47 930 16 508
[email protected]

Kari Kemppi
Director, Software Customer Operations
Kemppi Oy
Tel. +358 44 2899 353
[email protected]


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