SuperSnake GTX – Ultimate access and distance solution for wire feeders

Kemppi announces the launch of a new addition to the SuperSnake sub feeder product family: SuperSnake GTX. Extending the reach of standard Euro-connected MIG welding guns, the SuperSnake GTX guarantees reliable wire feeding up to 30 meters from the primary wire feeding unit.

Compatible with the X5 FastMig family and standard Euro-connected MIG welding guns, Super Snake GTX provides a simple and effective distance wire feeding solution.

– SuperSnake GTX reaches easily the welding sites not accessible with the standard welding equipment. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for large site environments, where equipment movement and reach present significant challenges, explains John Frost, Kemppi Product Manager Portable, Compact and System Class Equipment.

Improving the welder's occupational safety

The SuperSnake GTX offers possibilities to overcome the challenges, making the working conditions of the welders significantly safer with special features and functions.

SuperSnake GTX user interface places parameter adjustment at the welder’s fingertips, including manual wire speed and voltage control, or automatic power regulation and fine-tuning. Automatic wire loading ensures trouble-free filler wire loading up to 30 meters from the primary wire feeder.

The standard metal protection frame increases robustness and neatly combines, secures, and supports the cables package and hoses. Easily opened for fast cable package management, the protection frame can also be used for suspending and hanging the SuperSnake GTX above the work area.

A safety lock switch prevents welding with the primary welding system powered on.

– This is a valuable safety feature during rest breaks or moving between welding locations. Lighter in weight than standard wire feed units, SuperSnake GTX is easy to move and place on site which improves the worksite productivity and occupational safety, Frost explains.

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