Teresa Kemppi-Vasama elected as member of the LUT Board

Teresa Kemppi-Vasama, Executive Chairman of Kemppi Oy, has been elected as member of the board of directors of Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) for the term 2018-2021. Kemppi-Vasama is an expert in international technology entrepreneurship and family-owned businesses, and holds strong business community and industry relations.

LUT is one of the world’s leading universities in welding technology. The election of Kemppi-Vasama is an interesting opportunity for the Lahti-based Kemppi to strenghten its cooperation with the transforming university. “Kemppi and LUT have collaborated successfully in terms of research for years now. As the university is extending its operations to Lahti, we are eagerly involved in developing new and broader forms of business cooperation between the different actors in the area,” Teresa Kemppi-Vasama says. “At best, this increases the appeal of companies, LUT and Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK), and the whole area in general, and ensures the availability of skilled work force also in the future.”

LUT's board has nine members, five of whom come from outside of the university community and four from within the university. The board of directors is appointed by the university collegium. “In accordance with our strategy, our board includes top experts in clean energy and water, the circular economy, entrepreneurship and sustainable business. They also understand the importance of academic research and education to society,” Olli Pyrhönen, Chair of the collegium, elaborates.

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Teresa Kemppi-Vasama Kemppi Oy

Teresa Kemppi-Vasama

  • Executive Chairman, Kemppi Oy
  • Languages: EN, FI

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