X5 FastMig – Extraordinary arc welding productivity

Kemppi announces the launch of a brand new industrial multi-process welding system for steel welding: the X5 FastMig. The X5 FastMig is built with energy-efficient inverter technology and developed in collaboration with professional welders. It is made in Finland.

Available in Manual and Synergic 400A and 500A models, the X5 FastMig significantly enhances arc welding productivity. The X5 FastMig offers possibilities to increase the arc-on time by improving the ergonomics, weld quality, and user experience.

Faster welding, better quality

The X5 FastMig offers possibilities to overcome the challenges of steel welding and save time and money in after-treatment. The precise ignition using the latest ignition technology, Touch Sense Ignition, is featured as standard in all available models. It minimizes spatter and reduces the need for after-treatment.

Challenging welding applications can be easily covered with Wise special processes.

Effortless operation

Ease-of-use is at the core of the X5 FastMig. The graphical and impact-resistant 5.7” TFT display wins over both experienced welding professionals and new talents. The operating basics are easy to grasp in just 10 minutes.

“The excellent usability results in an increase in valuable arc-on time, especially for companies that employ an outsourced workforce and have a welding fleet with shared usage,” explains John Frost, Product Manager.

Excellent welding ergonomics

The ergonomically designed, top-loading wire feeder saves space and improves occupational safety when changing wire spools. Adjustable hanging, even in dual setup, enables easy accessibility.

Flexlite GX welding guns feature flexible cable sets and ball-jointed cable protection and reduce wrist loading. ​The neck structure adds to welding comfort with more efficient cooling and extends the lifetime of consumables.​ The on-torch GXR10 remote control allows parameter adjustment at the weld joint.

Flexible equipment setup

The modular system with excellent accessories provides the optimal solution for every production line and cell, enabling higher arc-on times. The X5 FastMig’s wide range of accessories includes transport units, interconnection cables of various lengths, and remote controls.

With the help of X5 FastMig Selector, an online configurator tool, the user can easily choose the equipment setup to best suit his needs.

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