Effevi Costruzioni in Acciaio Srl

Internationally recognized experts in medium/heavy steel construction in northern Italy

Complex projects made easy with FastMig X 450

Effevi doubled their profits and worked tons of steel in the last year alone. They chose to invest in top-notch and reliable Kemppi equipment, and after 6 years of strong partnership, welders at Effevi still rely on and prefer to operate only with FastMig X machines in their production area.

The main goal of owner Fabio Vigolo has always been their welding performance, achieved by focusing on welder qualifications and investing in high-quality equipment and the latest technologies. This well-known company based in Cornedo Vicentino has specialized in the assembly of certified structural steelwork for 25 years.

All projects are managed internally by expert engineers from start to finish. The highest standards are achieved with 3D state-of-the-art software with BIM technology and highly-qualified personnel and welders.

With decades of experience in civil light steelwork, they have recently been shifting more toward heavy structures. The increased demands for heavier steel construction have led to the decision to replace their welding machines with powerful Kemppi multi-process solutions like the FastMig X 450.

Effevi Costruzioni in Acciaio Srl
Steel construction and structures
Kemppi's solution
Base material
The first test with Kemppi was performed on an angle weld of a 20-mm sheet on a 30-mm sheet in six passes, as required by the project. We cut the piece, wet it with acid, and noticed that the penetration capacity was actually impressive. I must say, over the years, welders have continued to appreciate the clean and spatterless welds.

Fabio Vigolo, co-owner and welding coordinator, Effevi Costruzioni in Acciaio S.r.l.

New opportunities

As Effevi starts to widen its project portfolio, they face new challenges like larger pieces of structural steel, new positions like vertical or overhead welding, and new materials they haven't worked with before. Recently, during the construction of a bridge for a local hospital, they faced materials with a higher-level concentration of carbon. This made the welds heavier, but the task was tackled easily with the FastMig X 450.

Working with Kemppi

As a company that welds over 520 tons of steel each year, Effevi needs to optimize production while reducing post-welding cleaning time. The FastMig X 450 was the perfect solution for them. In 2016, Effevi decided to adopt Kemppi welding machines for their entire production line, and after a series of trials, Effevi welders decided to only operate with Fastmig X machines. They liked the practicality of alternating between synergic and pulsed applications, quicker settings, and flexibility that allows them to complete tasks quickly.  

In the future, Mr. Vigolo would like to take the organization a step further from a technological standpoint by adopting Kemppi welding production analysis software. Kemppi WeldEye would give them better visibility and more control over their production while generating insights that create value for their customers.

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FastMig X

High-class multi-process solution for diverse demanding welding applications.

High-class multi-process solution for diverse demanding welding applications.

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