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Improved welding ergonomics, productivity and quality consistency with Kemppi MagTrac F 61

With MagTrac F 61, Elematic's longitudinal welding process became significantly faster, easier and more consistent in quality. The magnetic carriage unit also improved the working position of the welders and minimized the need for post-weld finishing.

Elematic Oyj is the global market leader for precast concrete technology, specializing in floors, walls, frames, and foundations for residential and non-residential buildings. As a pioneer and major innovator in the precast industry, the Finnish company has extensive experience and deep understanding of the precast concrete lifecycle.

With over 50 years of experience in concrete technology, production lines, products, and services, Elematic offers solutions that can be found in over 100 countries and six continents. Elematic is trusted by 40 % of the world’s precasters. The company is known for its wide product portfolio and high tech solutions which answer the needs for capacity, automation, and flexibility.

Riihimäki is one of Elematic’s three production units in Finland. It specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing steel-structured casting molds for the precast concrete element industry. The production unit also manufactures more specialized products, such as railway sleeper molds.

Elematic Oyj, Riihimäki
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Working in a non-ergonomic position can cause occupational illnesses that affect the person for the rest of his/her life. Equipment such as MagTrac F 61 may add a few healthy years to a welder’s life. The increased productivity achieved with the carriage repaid our investment in about six months.

Teemu Virtanen, Engineer, Elematic Oyj Riihimäki

Main challenge

Welding makes up 90 % of the work involved in the manufacture of casting molds, and top plates for the molds are assembled from structural steel plates by welding. Previously, welding longitudinal seams was very strenuous. A welder had to do the work manually on all fours, on top of a steel sheet. In addition to poor ergonomics, the manual work proceeded in jerks, because the hands’ range of motion only allowed half a meter’s welding at a time. The greatest challenge in manufacturing casting molds was to ensure consistent quality and straight surfaces of the molds. Even high-quality work from the most professional welder required a large amount of post-weld grinding.

Elematic was looking for a way to develop the welding of longitudinal seams with a reasonable budget. The company needed a solution that would improve the working position of the welders and minimize the need of post-weld finishing.

Kemppi's solution

MagTrac F 61, a magnetic carriage unit for MIG/MAG welding, proved to be the solution that Elematic was looking for. Using the carriage not only improved the welders’ ergonomics, but it also helped Elematic to achieve a more consistent welding quality. Better yet, it showed an increase in productivity.

  • The carriage changed the working position of the welders. They went from being on their knees to a sitting or standing position.
  • The carriage is easy to use and move around, and its light mechanization helped to reduce deformations in the materials.
  • MagTrac F 61 decreased the number of work phases and diminished the need for post-welding finishing work significantly.
  • Welding with the carriage turned out to be up to 5 times faster than manual welding.
  • The carriage paid for itself early on: the increased productivity achieved with MagTrac F 61 repaid the investment in about 6 months.

The user-friendly system and mobility of the device make it suitable for all welders, not just the most skilled professionals. Engineer Teemu Virtanen from Elematic Oyj Riihimäki emphasizes the point that MagTrac F 61 will by no means take anyone’s job. It just makes welding lighter than before.

And more joyful, we might add.

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