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AX MIG Welder is a workshop's reliable powerhouse for robotic welding

The AX MIG Welder is a versatile and efficient robotic welding machine that is suitable for all robotic arc welding applications.

Kemppi's latest robotic welding machine, the AX MIG Welder, was piloted at Leimet Oy, a manufacturer of steel piling products. The AX MIG Welder's efficiency, features, and smooth integration were highly appreciated.

Established in 1964, Leimet Oy is a Finnish family-owned company that has been a key player in many piling projects across Scandinavia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia. The company employs approximately 40 people, and its turnover is 15M€. 80% of Leimet’s production is exported.

Leimet’s core business is developing, manufacturing, and marketing pile joints and rock points for precast concrete piles for pile producers worldwide. Leimet also manufactures components for steel tube piles, like hardened top pins for rocky soils and joints for timber piles. For almost 60 years, their products have been used in numerous infrastructure projects, all kinds of buildings, railway lines, wind farms, roads, and harbors. Leimet ABB PLUS pile joints are tested according to the standard EN 12794 to the highest class A.

Steel construction and structures
Base material
The AX MIG Welder is efficient and reliable in its functions. Despite the abundant arc time, no problems of any kind have appeared during the trial period, and the quality of the welds is uniform and high. Thanks to a good familiarization, the use of the AX MIG Welder has been smooth and easy, and the device has performed all welding tasks flawlessly and without interruption, which greatly improves welding production.

Kalle Laine, Production Technician, Leimet Oy

Durable high-quality welds

Strength, durability, and the safety of end users are essential aspects of all Leimet products. Although simple in structure, their products require solid engineering know-how and expertise to guarantee the safety of a building's end users. Welding plays a central role in Leimet's production, and they currently have more than 30 welding robots in use. Leimet mainly does industrial MIG/MAG welding of black steel, and particularly challenging tasks are welding butt joints to other steels, such as flat or round steels.

"What is important to us is the functionality of the welding machine, uninterrupted work, and long service life, as well as the maintenance and the availability of spare parts in case of any problem. The cooperation with Kemppi has worked flawlessly", acknowledged Leimet's CEO and family entrepreneur Antti Leino.

Smooth and fast integration with robot

The AX MIG Welder is a modern solution for automated MIG/MAG robotic arc welding. A complete and balanced process package includes a wire feeder, X5 FastMig power supply, intermediate cables, and a cooling device.

The AX MIG Welder can be integrated with any robot. At Leimet, the integration was carried out in cooperation between Kemppi and Yaskawa representatives. The installation went smoothly, and the welding values ​​were easily found based on the ones already in use. Moreover, the same consumables and intermediate cables fit both the previously used A7 and AX MIG Welder, so the entire consumables inventory and selection of accessories did not need to be renewed. This makes deployment even faster and easier.

The AX MIG Welder is a modular system. If needed, the power source can be disconnected from the robot for manual welding needs, in which case the RCM box connecting the power source to the robot on top of the power source is changed to a wire feeder. This feature increases the versatile uses of the system. The 430A duty cycle of 100% makes the performance and power of the AX MIG Welder excellent, and it masters both challenging and long-lasting welding tasks with ease. Reliable functionality guarantees that there are no unnecessary time-consuming interruptions at the factory.

The power source's clear and easy-to-use, intuitive web browser user interface allows you to control the AX MIG Welder with a computer or mobile device. Weld Assist helps the operator of the welding robot find the optimal parameters quickly and easily. Kemppi's highly accurate arc control for various applications is optimal thanks to the MAX and Wise processes. For example, the MAX Speed ​​process raises the traveling speed of robot welding to a new level without compromising quality. WeldEye ArcVision makes welding production monitoring more effortless than ever without requiring additional devices. It cost-efficiently and constantly tracks and records arc-on time and welding parameters for better insight into welding production. The data obtained in real-time speeds up work phases.

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