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The efficiency and reliability of well welded pipelines

Steel tubes and pipe systems welded with Flexlite GXe welding torch

Tubificio Lombardo, is an Italian leading European carbon steel tube manufacturer. For the production, they rely on Kemppi’s MIG/MAG torch Flexlite GX to tackle successfully welding challenges of tube/tube head welding with up to 350 A, ensuring international standards and high-quality are met. Now, they have pilot-tested Kemppi’s improved line Flexlite GXe, and the results are impressive.

Established in 1994 as a family-owned business, Tubificio Lombardo is one of Europe's leading enterprises in the manufacturing of welded carbon steel tubes. 70% of their production of steel pipe systems and tubes is exported globally. Based in Mantova, Italy, they have a 45,000 square meter facility with ten professionally trained welders, among other employees.

Their steel pipe systems and tubes are used for the following applications: tunnels, bridges, heating and ventilation, snowmaking, heating exchangers, radiant tubes, and many others. They do certified manual welding with Kemppi Flexlite GX MIG torches and robotic welding with Kemppi’s A7 MIG Welder robot welding system.

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We had high expectations for the new Flexlite GXe model. Compared to the previous version in ease of use and reliability, the new torch easily mastered high and constant amperage use cases. Considering the welding cycle time it takes to make a full turn, torches tend to get very hot, but with this one, we had no problems.

Ing. Michele Scaglioni, Quality and Production Manager

Pipe and tube welding with high amperages

Tubificio Lombardo faces several challenges when welding tubes and pipes. With special emphasis on ensuring high-quality products for their diverse customer base, their main challenge lies in the welding process, where they perform tube/tube head welding with high amperage requirements for pipes with substantial thickness. Their welding process can reach almost 350 A using 1.2 mm carbon steel wire.

To meet the needs of their typical customers, which include construction sites involved in projects like tunnels and metros, Tubificio Lombardo follows specific quality standards. They hold PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certification because of the wide pressure range that their tubes are exposed to. The pressure values they work with range from 5 bar to almost 50-60 bar. This certification ensures their welds are sealed to meet the internationally recognized PED A2 standard from Bureau Veritas Italy. One of their competitive advantages is their ability to provide comprehensive services, including welding, cutting, and grinding. They are unique because they do more than manufacture pipes. This results in reliable, high-quality products that meet the highest pressure, fluid discharge, and water passage standards. The Quicklock system enables all of this, which allows fast pipeline splicing.

Pilot-testing the new Flexlite GXe MIG/MAG welding torch

A two-week pilot trial of Kemppi's new MIG/MAG welding torch, the Flexlite GXe, was conducted by Tubificio Lombardo, with the main focus being its performance for welding tubes and pipes. They operated the torch at an amperage of around 270–280 A with 1.2 mm wire while welding a 610 mm-diameter, 20 mm-thickness pipe. The trial included double welding, both internally and externally. The expectations for the new product were high as they had experience with the previous Flexlite GX welding torch model. The welder who conducted the trial said:

“Compared to the previous GX 503 version, the Flexlite GXe impressed me with its ease of use and reliability, specifically for higher and consistent amperage levels.”

Despite the torch's continuous operation, which involved almost 8-10 minutes to complete a full rotation, it did not overheat, and the feedback was positive. The torch's arc performance, in terms of inclination and curvature, was considered excellent, being more stable and straighter than the previous model. The operator also highlighted the torch's lightweight and manageable design with a flexible cable that reduced resistance, making it comfortable to use during long working hours. The trial focused on welding 24-inch pipes, and it was used extensively for hours throughout the day, proving its efficiency, comfort, and adaptability to different welding scenarios.

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The Flexlite GXe is a reliable, high-quality MIG/MAG torch series with optimized ergo...

The Flexlite GXe is a reliable, high-quality MIG/MAG torch series with optimized ergonomics and excellent welding performance. The improved structure enables a longer, cost-efficient lifetime for both the torch and consumables, proved by a 6-month warranty.

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