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Diverse and individual learning

Kemppi X8 MIG Welder encourages to pursue the perfect weld

All students of Turku Vocational Institute’s automotive department acquire strong welding skills by using quality equipment that maximizes the time used for learning. The top-of-the-line X8 MIG Welder motivates the students to pursue the perfect weld.

All automotive and logistics students at the Turku Vocational Institute’s Peltola Campus learn the basics of welding. 60 out of the 200 students specialize as vehicle body repairers and develop their welding skills even further, well above the national minimum requirements. Good skills are needed, as the local factories and shipyards also recruit these students.

Mikko Hauninen, Head of the Unit, says that the institute aims to provide students with the widest skill set possible to meet the needs of the industry and support students' employment. Cooperation with industrial companies is strong: the welder-fitter students work the last year of their degree at a local shipyard to acquire qualifications.

When 40-year-long careers do not exist anymore, the wide range of basic studies is crucial. It also helps to pursue postgraduate studies.

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The X8 MIG Welder challenges and encourages students to pursue a perfect weld. And once it's been learned, they can do the same with more traditional equipment.

Hermanni Salonen, Team Manager, Turku Vocational Institute

Main challenge

The Finnish vocational education system must foster individuality, a broad skill set and good business relations. Teaching should be flexible and adapt to the student’s individual skills and ambitions. The students also should get a broader and more motivating educational package with less teaching hours. At the same time, schools should accommodate adult students and adopt a continuous learning strategy where students return from work to school to acquire the skills they need at any given time. As the workplaces become increasingly hectic, the foundation for work skills must be acquired at school. Schools must therefore be able to anticipate the requirements of future welding.

Kemppi's solution

The institute’s automotive and logistics department has recently renewed their welding fleet to Kemppi-made equipment. As the consumables for the various machines are mostly the same, the one-stop shop approach reduces storage needs.

The flagships of the welding fleet are FastMig X and X8 MIG Welder. The institute wants to ensure that the tools used do not prevent the students from developing their skills as far as they can. The equipment also demonstrates the performance, digital features, and ergonomics of modern industrial heavy-duty welding.

"About one-quarter of our students absorb all the teaching they can get and will also come to the workshop in their free time. They inspire other students, and show with their example how far a young student can go in developing their skills", says Team Manager Hermanni Salonen.

Everyone has a chance to weld with X8 MIG Welder. "It is a joyous moment when a student has first welded aluminum with traditional TIG equipment and then gets to do the same with the X8. The motivation that good tools spark is important: the students share images of successful projects in social media.”

Both machines in the workshop have two wire feeders with four different filler wire materials loaded, so the students do not have to waste time switching the spools. The group should never have to stand waiting for the device to be used.

"The reliability of Kemppi equipment, easy adjustment, and pre-installed programs make life easier for teachers and students. The eye-hand coordination must be practiced as much as possible," Salonen says. "Although we mainly weld sheet metal and the power of these devices is quite overwhelming for that purpose, their sophisticated special processes make it easy. The students also weld thick steel and repair the heavy equipment of the house."

Featured solutions

Flexlite GX

Flexlite GX product series contains welding guns to be used in MIG/MAG welding proces...

Flexlite GX product series contains welding guns to be used in MIG/MAG welding processes. All Flexlite GX welding guns enjoy the Flexlite features for user comfort, welding efficiency and extended consumable parts life. The GX family includes a wide range of welding gun models designed to serve specific welding needs.

X8 MIG Welder

Advanced system equipment for demanding industrial MIG/MAG welding with an upgradeabl...

Advanced system equipment for demanding industrial MIG/MAG welding with an upgradeable power source up to 600 A.

The X8 MIG Welder is a multi-process welding solution that redefines welding performance and usability. It includes a digital WPS feature.

The forerunner of arc welding

Kemppi is the design leader of the arc welding industry. We are committed to boosting the quality and productivity of welding by continuous development of the welding arc and by working for greener and more equal world. Kemppi supplies sustainable products, digital solutions, and services for professionals from industrial welding companies to single contractors. The usability and reliability of our products is our guiding principle. We operate with a highly skilled partner network covering over 70 countries to make its expertise locally available. Headquartered in Lahti, Finland, Kemppi employs close to 800 professionals in 16 countries and has a revenue of 195 MEUR in 2022.

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