Kemppi introduces new MIG fume extraction welding gun designed to enhance the welder´s occupational safety

Kemppi takes a firm grip on welder´s occupational ergonomics and safety with two new series of Flexlite MIG welding guns. With Flexlite GFs fume extraction, the welding performance can reach a new level of safety. The Flexlite GC product range with coaxial cable and ergonomic Kemppi handle is a great choice for MIG/MAG welders who appreciate an easy-to-use welding gun.

“We want to do our outmost to design products that improve work performance and provide the welders with the best protection for their occupational health and safety”, says Florian Hegemann, Commercial Manager, Kemppi.

 Improved design, better welding quality

Lower fatigue has a positive effect on welder’s work and results in better welding quality since the welder spends around 20 % of the working day holding a welding gun. Therefore, Kemppi has put effort in developing the Flexlite GF and GC MIG welding guns´ ergonomic features. The Flexlite GF welding gun´s anatomically designed shape and excellent balance reduce wrist loading, allowing the welder to achieve the perfect weld. The Flexlite GC guns are equipped with a flexible coaxial cable and can be accessorized with a detachable pistol grip handle, which further improve welding ergonomics. Another GC accessory is a rotatable neck giving easy access to challenging workpieces.

The most efficient fume-extraction guns for MIG welding

Occupational lung diseases are the number one cause for work-related illnesses. "In welding workers are exposed to greater risk because the welding processes produce smoke containing harmful metal fumes and gases”, Hegemann explains.

Respiratory protection equipment featuring a positive pressure principle is an efficient way of preventing occupational health problems. Knowing that, Kemppi has launched a new Flexlite GF MIG welding gun product family, which guarantees efficient fume extraction and perfect welding results under the highest standards. The Flexlite GF fume-extraction MIG gun collects welding fumes as soon as they are generated and before they reach the welder’s breathing zone. And as the welding fumes are collected directly from the gun nozzle, it provides the entire team with a safer work environment. All Kemppi fume extraction guns and their extraction efficiency have been measured in accordance with the new standard ISO 21904-3 that Kemppi was among the first to receive.

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