New WeldEye module provides enhanced insight into welding production efficiency

The universal welding management software WeldEye, compatible with any brand’s welding equipment, becomes even more comprehensive with the introduction of WeldEye for Welding Production Analysis. The new module has been designed particularly for companies looking to benefit from a light and easy-to-set-up solution for monitoring and analyzing welding production.

WeldEye for Welding Production Analysis tracks and measures the arc-on time of welding stations, and standard times in serial production. Furthermore, it provides information on the time spent on non-welding activities with reason codes. The software’s data mining tool arranges the data into user-friendly visualizations, and provides e.g. comparisons between planned and actual welding time per machine, teams, shifts locations or projects. This enables production managers to identify improvement potential in processes or working methods that have an impact on welding. By applying continuous production monitoring, it is possible to increase arc-on time by even 40%, and thus shorten welding production lead times.

In addition, the WeldEye for Welding Production Analysis module enables third party data connections via cloud APIs.

Joint sensor technology development with Suunto

The data input for WeldEye for Welding Production Analysis is managed today with a handheld device. For future applications, Kemppi develops sensor technology to measure welding time based on magnetic field detection together with Suunto. Suunto is a global leader in sports precision instruments. This R&D cooperation focuses on the use of a small and cost-efficient battery-powered wireless sensor solution that utilizes Suunto Movesense technology.

The future of welding management is now

In addition to Welding Production Analysis, the cloud-based WeldEye offers four other software products that provide unprecedented savings and insight for value creation:

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