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Modern arc welding solutions and training cooperation with Kemppi

Kemppi partnered up with UTSPR in providing it with modern arc welding equipment for its training facilities in order to match the real working conditions of the industry. The partners have also signed a cooperative agreement concerning joint welding activities and training.

NOU UTSPR Training Center was established by SRO, the main organization in the Russian nuclear power industry, which unites all companies that participate in the construction of nuclear power stations and other objects. The private educational institution was formed on the order of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, and aims to provide Rosatom construction projects with skilled and qualified workers.

At its two training and production sites in Moscow and Novovoronezh, UTSPR trains the managerial personnel and operating staff of SRO member companies: site engineers, foremen and skilled workers, including welders. In addition, it offers e.g. ISO quality management and occupational safety courses. UTSPR is known for its well-equipped facilities and resources for solid theoretical and practical training. It is the only training center in Russia to have training and testing yards for working at height and in confined spaces in construction and assembly sites.

NOU UTSPR Training Center
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Novovoronezh, Russia
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I would describe Kemppi in three words: integrity, reliability and commitment. Kemppi is a company which delivers, a partner who is your comrade and friend.

Natalia Chupeykina, Director, NOU UTSPR

Main challenge

Russia has been experiencing a significant lack of skilled welding professionals in the market, which is getting more acute every year. Young welders are being educated each year, but there is also a strong need to retrain experienced welding production personnel – those already working as welders, technicians and engineers. Due to the situation, the Russian political leadership declared new welding requirements in the legislation. In order to fulfil its purpose as a high-quality private educational institution, UTSPR needed to equip its training sites with the most advanced and modern welding equipment.

Kemppi's solution

When UTSPR was established, one of the main criteria for equipment was to train with products that are used in the industry. The training center decided on using Kemppi’s arc welding equipment, and currently UTSPR has 40 welding stations installed with Kemppi equipment. This number includes equipment for manual arc welding with covered electrodes and semiautomatic argon-arc welding. According to Director Natalia Chupeykina, Kemppi provides a quick response to any maintenance and service needs of the training center.

UTSPR has also signed a cooperation agreement with Kemppi. Within the framework of the agreement, UTSPR and Kemppi have decided to arrange professional skills competitions together at the training center, as well as seminars, workshops and conferences. In addition, Kemppi and UTSPR publish joint articles in welding industry journals, and the experts of Kemppi provide training for the center’s staff concerning new processes, welding techniques, products, and equipment.

Featured solutions

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The industrial multi-process welding solution in modular format. FastMig M is a combi...

The industrial multi-process welding solution in modular format. FastMig M is a combination of modularity and ease of use, suitable for a wide range of industrial welding applications.

FastMig X

High-class multi-process solution for diverse demanding welding applications.

High-class multi-process solution for diverse demanding welding applications.

MasterTig MLS 4000

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MasterTig MLS sets the standard for industrial TIG welding. Precise and refined welding quality for workshop or site use, MasterTig MLS has become an industry standard, offering the necessary performance in a lightweight and portable design.

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Kemppi is the design leader of the arc welding industry. We are committed to boosting the quality and productivity of welding by continuous development of the welding arc and by working for greener and more equal world. Kemppi supplies sustainable products, digital solutions, and services for professionals from industrial welding companies to single contractors. The usability and reliability of our products is our guiding principle. We operate with a highly skilled partner network covering over 70 countries to make its expertise locally available. Headquartered in Lahti, Finland, Kemppi employs close to 800 professionals in 16 countries and has a revenue of 195 MEUR in 2022.

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