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Production monitoring and quality control with WeldEye

In order to meet the quality requirements of its products that are largely defined by standards, Premekon began using WeldEye welding management software for ERP and quality control purposes with great results.

Finnish Premekon Oy is specialized in the design and manufacture of walkways, stair towers, ladders and other steel structures mainly to the pulp and paper, and process industries. The company operates out of its own production facilities, which include stations for laser cutting, NC drilling and tube bending, welding, assembly, painting, and packaging. With a professional in-house design team, Premekon is able to provide tailored solutions that suit the needs of its customers in a cost-efficient way.

At the moment, Premekon employs 75 people, 30 of whom are welders. Based on customers’ preferences, the products are manufactured out of either painted or galvanized steel, stainless steel (pool pickling), or anodized aluminum. With many leading industrial companies and equipment manufacturers as customers, Premekon has supplied products widely to Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

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This welding management software is suitable for any workshop that performs welding. If you have any issues with quality, the system is guaranteed to help with that in a major way. In addition, it has proven to be a great benefit in managing and archiving different kinds of documents.

Toni Kantola, Production Manager, Premekon Oy

Main challenge

Premekon is renowned for its high-quality products, which combine its solid experience in manufacturing metal structures and the utilization of state-of-the-art technology in both design and production processes. Production quality control is of key importance as the manufacture of walkways must comply with the EN ISO 14122 standard, which is also a prerequisite for customer purchases. In order to meet the standard requirements, Premekon was looking for a customizable software solution that would make production monitoring more convenient, integrate with its current welding fleet and suit the needs of an SME.

The WeldEye solution

Having used Kemppi welding equipment in its production facilities for years, Premekon began implementing WeldEye welding management software in its welding production. The system has been especially helpful in removing the need for using separate Excel sheets or similar software for production management and allowing real-time monitoring.

As the work orders are printed directly from the system and Smart Readers collect and record everything from manufacturing times, welding parameters, and welder information, both production and quality management have become much faster and easier. Universal compatibility has guaranteed smooth system integration with the company's current welding fleet.

With 30 welders and many different types of steel in production, personnel qualification management has been a challenge for Premekon. The company has now imported all welder qualification and WPS information into the system, and uses it for managing them in a more convenient way. The automatic e-mail notifications from the system have removed the risk of expired qualifications, and give the welders a chance to prepare for the tests in advance.

Satisfied with the way welding management software has transformed its operations, Premekon plans to extend the system in the future to cover other production stages like surface treatment and packaging.

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WeldEye is a universal solution to manage welding production.

WeldEye is a universal solution to manage welding production.

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