Kemppi opens up Welding Software APIs

Join the Kemppi Internet of Welding™ (IoW)

Kemppi will open up interfaces for the Welding Software applications of the future. We want to establish a development community capable of creating new exciting applications that enable next generation welding.

The new Application Programming Interface (API) allows partners to access Kemppi’s Internet of Welding™ (IoW).  IoW will open up possibilities in two levels: Welding Devices and Welding Cloud. 

  1. Welding Device APIs

    Partners will be able create mobile and web applications that can utilize the Application Programming Interface in combination with other industry-specific systems and data sources and Kemppi Welding device sensor information. This will enable better support for specific needs within the welding environment. 

  2. Welding Cloud APIs

    Kemppi will enable third party access to welding device fleet data. Accessable data includes fleet device inventory, near-real-time fleet statistical data for monitoring and alerting purposes, and anonymized granular historical data access for welding performance analysis and anomaly detection.

The beta version of the Kemppi Application Programming Interface will be opened at the Schweissen & Schneiden exhibition in Germany in September 2017. Kemppi invites you to join the Kemppi IoW.

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More information:
Mikko Veikkolainen
Vice President, Research, Development and Innovation
tel. +358 44 28 99 338


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